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Track: (GIVEAWAY) Penpal With Me (K-Pop Edition) 📬💌#32 (Giveaways Kpop tumblr).
Kpop tumblr giveaways

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Kpop tumblr giveaways

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Find and follow posts tagged kpop give away on Tumblr. BEAST/B2ST Stickers Giveaway (Updated). image. 1. There will be 2 winners. First winner will get 3 stickers of her choice. Second winner will. Just as the LQ banner above says, I am doing my first kpop giveaway! ^^ I've almost hit another hundred followers (how?), so what better way is there to say.
Giveways Winners Left
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It is important to know!

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Kpop tumblr giveaways

ALBUM GIVEAWAY TIME!!! *****You are NOT limited to these albums. You read right! Undergroundkpop will be having its first anniversary giveaway:D Here are . Lez start off with smth small Kpop lomo cards giveaway -Price: lomo cards of your choice -To join: retweet, like, and follow @minyoonkiyomi -Deadline.
Video game console giveaways

The giveaway will end on January 29th. Prize: You can choose any album you want (only kpop related, no limited editions/rare albums) and I will buy it and send. Lez start off with smth small Kpop lomo cards giveaway -Price: lomo cards of your choice -To join: retweet, like, and follow @minyoonkiyomi -Deadline.

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Kpop tumblr giveaways


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Giveaway: Celebrate 20 Years With Soompi By Sharing Your K-Pop Story

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Plain black EXO merch Kpop tumblr giveaways. Each reblog counts as an entry. Please consider that is my first time doing a giveaway, so maybe I missed some points. The giveaway will end on January 29th Prize: If this happens, i will block you from future giveaways.

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Giveaway: Win a Chance to...

But hey, remember, this is an EXO-inspired giveaway! All albums are sealed, with their correspoinding posters and a random photocard. Know about a giveaway that isn't on the blog? Plain black EXO merch t-shirt. You must be following angelhoseok94 since the giveaway will be for my followers There will be two winners Each reblog counts as an entry! So reblog as much as you like But, NO giveaway blogs will be awarded There will be only one winner The winner will be chosen by random.

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Penpal With Me (K-Pop Edition) 📬💌#18 (Giveaway Closed)

Kpop tumblr giveaways

Youtube Video

Penpal With Me (K-Pop Edition) 📬💌#18 (Giveaway Closed)


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If this happens, i will block you from future giveaways.
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